Thursday, March 29, 2012

Istanbul Update

Had dinner last night at a restaurant/super club/night club that looked exactly like some sort of Russian mafia club in a Bond movie. Eurotrash techno music. Groups of Surly mafioso looking dudes each with like four 10 foot tall women, all of whom were flanked by other dudes with earpieces and bulges in their coats.

FLG will say, however, the food was good, the location on the Bosphorus was awesome, and he appreciated that the tradition of the cigarette girl is not yet dead.


The Ancient said...

Some things never lose their charm.

FLG said...

I must admit. I will be so disappointed if I dont see two gypsy girls fight to the death.

Anonymous said...

For when you return -- read closely:

“In simple terms, it appears that Dewey (a) overpaid for M&A both big (firm mergers) and small (lateral partners), and (b) acted like it was making more money than it was, while not fully recognizing liabilities. One key to the Dewey story is the degree to which the wounds are self-inflicted, so the tendency of most folks will be to say ‘Well, there are no lessons there for us to learn, we would never make those mistakes.’ . . . The irony is that law, which should be managing to longer-term time horizons, seems to be more short-term oriented than most other businesses. When the Great Recession struck in 2008, most companies were able to do a “great reset,” re-setting stakeholder expectations by cleaning up balance sheets, lowering short-term profit expectations and making the case for strategic investments. But the folks running law firms don’t seem to feel they have the latitude to fess up that firms need to revamp to focus on client value, not near-term profits. That’s partly because in a cash-basis business they do have less latitude to clean things up, but also reflects deeper issues for which Dewey is an avatar, not an outlier.”

Check WSJ too.

Happy Easter you first class heretic -- you do fly First Class, don't you?

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

I thought you were a cigar man? dave.s.

FLG said...


I am a cigar man. I quit cigarettes a while back, and I did in fact have a Cohiba at the club. But I am pro-cigarette girls.

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