Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quote of the day

FLG agrees:
“The Durbin rule was the worst rule,” says an executive at one of the major banks. “Debit cards had nothing to do with the crisis. The fact is, we give free stuff to our customers. Now we’re going to have to be the bad guy.”

That has shit all to do with the crisis and the rule, as far as FLG can tell, will have zero to negative benefits for consumers. This was something to benefit retailers. FLG might have to ask around to some of the lobbyists he knows about what the deal was behind the Durbin rule, besides, you know, Dick Durbin being a jackass, even if he is a fellow SFS alumnus.


The Ancient said...

I know someone who just hated his step-mother. Couldn't abide her in any way. Then one day, Dick Durbin turned up at her door for a party to which he hadn't been invited. He seemed intoxicated, and she turned him away. Now my acquaintance and his step-mother get along famously.

Dick Durbin: Not Much of a Senator. One Hell of a Family Therapist.

Anonymous said...

Dick Durbin: A man you'd never want to see naked.

Mrs. P

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