Monday, February 27, 2012

FLG Is Insane

Two Saturdays ago when Miss FLG Minor woke up for her early morning feeding, FLG thought it was a weekday. He went downstairs and, like he usually does on weekdays, turned on CNBC. Instead of the usual Asian and European markets coverage, FLG found an infomercial. Too tired to change the channel, he started watching.

Long story short, the infomercial worked because FLG thought to himself, "Hey, I'm crazy and fat. An Insanity workout sounds perfect for me." Well, today was the first day. On the first day you do a fitness test, which you then repeat every two weeks to demonstrate your improvement. Suffice it to say that FLG has a very low bar to clear next time, which is not puking halfway through.

FLG weighed himself before the start and came in at 220 lbs. He'll let you know how well the program works. If he doesn't keep puking that is.

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