Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Delighting FLG

FLG has commented numerous times how he thinks its stupid that companies but "delighting our customers" on their mission statements. FLG can't remember ever being delighted by a company, except maybe at Disneyland and maybe some high-end hotels.

There are a few companies, however, that FLG really does enjoy dealing with. Amazon is probably top among those. Another one, the one that prompted this post is Fidelity. FLG doesn't have to call them often, but when he does he always comes away happy. Yesterday's call was no exception. That's pretty hard to do as a financial institution.


jason said...

Ditto on Amazon.

Andrew Stevens said...

I am responsible for my mother's finances and her pension and investments are handled through Fidelity. I have to say that I've had very good experiences with them myself.

I always love the phrase "satisfy and delight our customers" which I've seen a number of times. Always makes me think that the writer is in the wrong business - perhaps running a brothel would be a better fit.

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