Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Changing Nature Of Banking

Bank branches used to be designed to create the feeling of stability, security, and wealth. Something like this at M and Wisconsin in Georgetown. FLG sees that newer branches that have lots of windows and are beginning to look more like Starbucks or something. This one, also in Georgetown, is a really good example. ING Direct's only physical customer presence is, in fact, coffee shops.

That got FLG thinking. All things considered, he interacts with his banks far more via the website, apps, or ATMs far more frequently than going into the branch. Several orders of magnitude more frequently. So, for FLG, the design, features, and ease of use of the website is far, far more important than the number of design of branches.

And this reminded FLG of something. He mentioned recently how he was reevaluating his bank accounts and searching for new banks. Well, as part of that he came across this website, from which he recoiled much in the same we as he would if a branch looked and smelled like bathroom in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

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