Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let FLG Get This Straight

This group protests by having 18 to 20 year old college students from Ukraine go topless?

On one hand, FLG feels sorry for these ladies. They're terribly misguided regarding their messaging. Sure, showing boobs gets cameras, but it's not an any publicity is good publicity type of thing. It's more, hey, look, boobs!

On the other hand, FLG is not going to be the person who will tell 18 to 20 year-old college students to put their shirts back on. Especially considering that these ladies aren't the normally dykish types who normally show up at these types of things.

Also, it just so happens the Ukrainian Embassy is in Georgetown. FLG will keep a weather eye out for happenings there. Just in case, you know, there is some pressing social justice concern that needs FLG's attention.


The Ancient said...

Serves you right for picking Georgetown.

If you were at Arizona State, this would be an everyday occurence.

FLG said...

There have been times when FLG regretted not attending asu.

Anonymous said...

PETA holds demos in front of EPA on occasion (animal testing) and EPA employees absorb lots of envy from people who work in other govt agencies. dave.s.

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