Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FLG Has A Bone To Pick

This blog has readers across the globe, again FLG is fucking huge in Europe, but this is directed towards the copious amount of readers who work in the White House.

Well, FLG told you he was going to DisneyWorld. Did the Obama's trip to the same place on the same day slip your minds? Because, FLG'll tell you what, it would've been far more convenient to take Air Force One, and one of those black suburbans with tinted windows, rather than having to worry about when the airspace was going to be cleared and what roads would be shut down in which direction at whatever times. Anyway, next time FLG says he is going the same place on the same day as the president, well, try to put in word that he could use a lift.

But wait, you say, FLG, are you seriously expecting that you can get a ride on Air Force One? That's crazy.

No, no, it's not. You tell the President that there's a guy who voted for him, but is totally not going to vote for him this time around who lives in a swing state. Maybe, just maybe, if you give the guy a lift he'll vote for you. Shit, the plane is already going where he's going. The marginal cost of FLG on Air Force One is damn near zero dollars. It's Win-Win-Win.


The Ancient said...

I'm sure they'd be fine with the girls and Mrs FLG.

But you'd have about the same chance of getting by the Secret Service as Mrs P.

(By the time they got through with piracy and object sex, you'd be lucky to avoid a visit from Seal Team Six.)

FLG said...

Damn it.

arethusa said...

Alas, the price of blogging.

Withywindle said...

I've always thought Seal Team Six and FLG were on the same wavelength about piracy and object sex.

Anonymous said...

Puh-lease, the fraud's wife and dog refuse to travel on the same plane with him and you want to go to DisneyWorld with him? I always thought you were smart. Maybe you're just educated.

Mrs. P

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