Sunday, January 22, 2012

FLG Goes Away For A Few Days

...and South Carolina Republicans decide to put way too much moonshine in their sweet tea before visiting the polling booth. Seriously, y'all? Newt Gingrich?

A pompous windbag who is a also an adulterer trying to come off as some sort of outsider against the establishment candidate when he was Speaker of the House? Gingrich had his shot over a decade ago. People decided then, and hopefully will decide again, that they guy is a complete jackoff.


The Ancient said...

When I'm feeling passably rational, I look at the race and I don't see how Gingrich can get anywhere near the magic number of delegates.

The rest of the time, I worry about the poisonous effect his "success" in SC - and now, prospectively, in FL -- will have on independents, who are only now starting to pay attention to the race.

(And in those brief seconds when I'm switching from one state to the other, I'm beginning to wonder if the Mayans weren't right.)

Anonymous said...

The GOP is not long for political relevancy if it nominates Gingrich – the gag reflex will send many, significantly many conservatives to saner, less gullible, precincts. The pinguid Mr. Gingrich, Toffler cultist, flim-flammer, serial husband, and itinerant consultant might well be the death of the GOP... ...wait, that's a good thing... Go Newt! Beat Mitt!

George Pal

Anonymous said...

FLG, when did you become a values voter?

Mrs. P

arethusa said...

Ancient: I don't know how much I trust Intrade, but look at their chart for Romney's Presidential nominee odds - he has setbacks at regular intervals, and always rebounds to go even higher. Though I'd vote for Gingrich over Obama, I am hoping this is simply one of those valleys for Romney. (And he is still at 66% to be the nominee.)

Anonymous said...

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