Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Of FLG's Stream-Of-Consciousness Posts With Help From YouTube

For some reason, this song popped in FLG's head:

Then FLG saw in the comments people kept mentioning Jack White. Quickly enough, FLG found this clip from It Might Get Loud, a movie which FLG had seen but didn't remember this part:

Next FLG clicked over to this Charlie Rose interview. If you jump to the 4:30 mark, Jack White talks about the relationship between constriction and creativity:

And then FLG began to think about a speech he saw by Marissa Mayer entitled "Creativity Loves Constraint":

When she was talking about the mark on the piece of paper, that then made FLG think of this video with Tony Bourdain and José Andrés, you'll want to jump to the 2:15 mark and watch for about a minute:

The tradition and the region are the constraints which anchored Ferran Adrià. And then FLG began thinking about a topic Bourdain often returns to, and that's he finds poor people food passed down over the generations the most interesting and best. And this is precisely because there's both that time and region constraint, but also the initial and larger constraint of those who initially developed the dish to try to find a way to make crappy ingredients taste good, and so to spur creativity. Necessity being the mother of invention and all.

And that brings FLG full circle to the blues, and in particular a song with no instruments, just a man singing and clapping, being so fucking powerful and creative.

Not sure that illuminated anything for anybody, but it was an interesting 10 minutes or so for FLG that he wanted to share.

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