Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sustainable Annoyingness

Michael Patterson, 21, of Anchorage, said the structure was meant to symbolize the need to house the homeless. It had been covered with a blue tarp until shortly before the arrests.

“It is counterrevolutionary to occupy space with a permit,” Patterson told the crowd. “Why don’t the cops care about sheltering the homeless in the streets?”

Other demonstrators said the building was designed to provide demonstrators a place to go when it gets cold, and they were planning to build an “eco-friendly” heating device to make the structure sustainable. Group chants escalated through the early afternoon, and there was an increasing amount of scuffling, shouting and shoving.

Patterson later approached police shouted in their faces, urging them to arrest him. And they did, dragging him away from the square as he shouted: “I didn’t serve in Iraq to have this happen to me.”

A few quick points:
1) Serving in Iraq, while admirable and the country appreciates it, doesn't entitle a person to be a huge jackass forever and always, including to cops in the midst of a somewhat pressure-filled situation.

2) The structure they are erecting in the park is certainly not going to be permanent, so the idea that it will be sustainable because it will have eco-friendly heating is idiotic.

3) Will that eco-friendly heating solution dried protestor poop? Because a shit powered protest would be awesome.

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Did you catch these new world building librarians from Toronto? The Burberry trapper's cap just tops it all....

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