Monday, December 19, 2011

For Those Of You Wondering

...if FLG helped Miss FLG Maior make a gingerbread house.  The answer is yes:


Anonymous said...

There've been a lot of gingerbread sessions at our house: make up the parts early, five little girls come over, glue them together with icing, perhaps 70 per cent of the candies actually get glued on to a house, everybody goes home happy and our girl experiences ramped-up popularity for weeks after. dave.s.

FLG said...

As I was buying candies, baking the pieces, etc, I kept thinking, there are some economies of scale here. I could make like five of these for double the price of one.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Next year take your wreath making skills to gumdrops. Use an xacto knife to cut green gumdrops in shards to resemble evergreen. Then cinnamon drops for berries and a licorice whip bow. Glue everything together with royal icing - a couple of days before building house. You can even make evergreen window swags. It's so much fun. Can wait until you reach fully psycho gingerbread house stage and make window panes out of sugar. I hit that cracked ball stage last Christmas.

Mrs P.

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