Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weird Dolls

Mrs. FLG saw my Barbie post and sent FLG this link to completely fucked up dolls.


The Ancient said...

OK, I get it. The coin has finally dropped.

All this time, you've been telling Mrs FLG that when you finish the MBA, you're going to do private equity with David Rubenstein.

But really, in your heart of hearts, you've decided it would be a lot more fun to be the Anthony Bourdain of international economics.

(Works for me.)

FLG said...

Between Bourdain's and Reubenstein's lives, I'd definitely choose Bourdain's.

The Ancient said...

Back when he worked for Carter, David's diet was pretty much limited to the vending machines in the The White House. I'm sure he's improved on that over the years, but he's still not eating as well as Bourdain.

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