Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Would Think

...that FLG would like this analysis, but he doesn't:
Plato, in his still provocative “Republic,” proposed that there are five types of government: aristocracy (rule by the “best”, that is, by experts specially trained at governance), timarchy (rule by those guided by their courage and sense of honor), oligarchy (rule by a wealthy minority), democracy (rule by the people as a whole—a “mob” as Plato saw it), and tyranny (rule by a despot answerable to no one but himself). Plato’s categorization is a good starting point for thinking about the nature of our government. Although we don’t fit precisely any one of these type, each seems to express an element of our political system.

He doesn't like it because it omits the most important aspect of the Republic -- that each of these has a corresponding soul type, which at least according to FLG, is far more important that the regime type.

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