Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Poll

Prof. Mondo recently had a poll about his readers. Since FLG has long been convinced that his readers are all much smarter and better educated than him, he decided to post his own poll asking his readers' education level.  BTW, notice the background motif.


Nicholas said...

I assume "finished grad school" qualifies as "other?

Andrew Stevens said...

You know, Nickelodeon has a Pirate Playdate tomorrow which I'm guessing Miss FLG Maior won't want to miss. We just got Grace a Little People pirate ship and she's been doing a lot of "Arr, mateys" and "Yo ho hos."

FLG said...

I am so proud of Grace. Keep up the good work, Andrew.

I was not aware of the Pirate Playdate!

Andrew Stevens said...

Yeah, they're showing pirate-themed episodes of Bubble Guppies, Dora, etc. starting at 7 AM.

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