Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beer Enemas

Radley Balko:
The “rectal beer funneling” seems particularly silly. High school boys tend to be pretty homophobic. I find it hard to believe there’s an epidemic of them dropping trow at parties, then helping one another pour beer into their rectums. (Logistically, I would think this is more than a one-man job.) Especially when they can just, you know, drink the stuff through their mouths.
FLG thinks rectal beer funneling is a myth, but isn't convinced by Balko's logic.

FLG finally has a valid reason to post the following video, a video which always has him in stitches.  If high school boys will drop trow at a party and then help one another insert bottle rockets into their rectums, then it would seem beer is well within the realm of possibility.

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