Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Forgot

FLG's recent poll revealed that he has 17 readers who could be bothered to click on a button, but over 70% have at the very least attended grad school (70% if you count the Other vote because that person listed themselves as having a PhD).

So, FLG thinks Withywindle was correct when he wrote:
You have fewer, but better, readers.

Plus a riff-raff with an unhealthy interest in Lindsay Lohan and Level 1 Google powers.

Well, better readers or over-educated, pretentious fuckwads. FLG guesses it really depends on one's perspective.

FLG must admit, however, that he is a tad saddened that traffic has indeed fallen. When these things happen FLG never blames his poor blogging skills, i.e. repetitiveness and lack of any actual insight, but instead always looks to the Beavergate explanation, which put simply is that other people are too easily offended.

Therefore, FLG will thus declare, with much alliterative flair, (and rhyming) that the plastic pirate pussy post is Beavergate III.

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