Monday, October 10, 2011

Two Unrelated Conversations

FLG: I just realized that I don't really like Bob Seger. I think I hate his music in fact.

Coworker: Well, he is the poor man's John Cougar Mellencamp, who is, in turn, the poor man's Bruce Springsteen.

FLG: Do like Little Pink Houses though.

Coworker: Better to listen only to The Boss and be done with it.


FLG: I think I'm going to quit both the MBA program and my job.

Mrs. FLG: Oh, really now? Why? Pray tell.

FLG: Found me a plush resort to invest in down in the Caribbean. Got a flawless plan. I get a pirate costume...

Mrs. FLG: Oh, we go.

FLG: Hear me out....and a copious amount of flour. I start a rumor about some long dead pirate's ghost, and scare away all the customers. Then strike when the place is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Mrs. FLG: Dear, there's kind of big flaw in your plan.

FLG: I'm listening?

Mrs. FLG: A bunch of meddling kids and their Great Dane.

FLG: Ah ha! Seven steps ahead of you! That was in a cartoon! They would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids.

Mrs. FLG: And only in a cartoon can a overweight, unscrupulous real estate investor dressed in a pirate costume covered in flour scare anybody in the first place.

FLG: Rats! Okay, plan B then. I have this idea for a girl band that solves mysteries on the side while on tour!

Mrs. FLG: Can I turn the volume back on?

FLG: Yes.


Anonymous said...

You've officially lost your mind! Good thing your cute.

The Ancient said...

Mrs FLG, Goldberry, and Arethusa clearly deserve ten days at a really decadent spa in Montecito.

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