Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surely, He Can't Be Serious

Yesterday, on his way to pick up Miss FLG Maior from daycare, FLG listened to Sean Hannity's radio show. The first thing FLG heard was something like this:
We have Austan Goolsbee on the show next. He was the architect of the Obama economic plan. I had him on the television show. I liked him a lot. He's wrong about economic policy, but I liked him a lot.

FLG almost crashed his car. Austan Goolsbee has three degrees in economics, two from Yale and one from MIT. He's a professor at the University of Chicago. As far as FLG knows, Hannity doesn't have a degree period, forget one in economics.

To be clear, FLG doesn't want to overemphasize credentials. He knows plenty of people who are knowledgeable about all sorts of topics who never graduated from college. But FLG has heard Goolsbee and Hannity talk about economics. Goolsbee is what FLG would describe as informed. Hannity spews talking points and says Ronald Reagan a lot. Anyway, FLG had to hear this.

Somewhat unfortunately, it turned out as FLG had expected. Hannity got his ass handed to him. FLG actually laughed when Hannity said he's surprised Goolsbee came on his show again. FLG isn't. Even if Hannity is a hostile host, Goolsbee is so much more knowledgeable about basically everything that the first thing that came to mind as FLG listened was the O'Hara fight in Enter the Dragon, which begins with O'Hara breaking a piece of wood and Lee responding that "Boards don't hit back."


The Ancient said...

I know Austan is an accomplished debater, but I've always found him oddly unpersuasive. Not wrong, necessarily, just not very convincing. As if he's tap-dancing his way through an argument and expecting to win on points. But that's not the way political arguments get resolved. Maybe that's what Hannity likes about him.

FLG said...

It's that he's strong with logos and ethos, but weak on pathos.

Andrew Stevens said...

I took this post to be mostly a criticism of Hannity rather than an endorsement of Goolsbee. Quite justified, in my opinion. I have always been singularly unimpressed with Hannity.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know what to make of this post.

Goolsbee is an epic failure. Epic. Then once he figured this out he headed back to academia thereby making himself the *perfect* example of those who can't -- teach.

Hannity is Hannity. It doesn't matter what degree he has or doesn't have or even how many times he says Reagan. It just doesn't.

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Mrs. P:

So your argument is that regardless of what occurred in the debate, Goolsbee is Goolsbee, who by definition is a failure, and Hannity is Hannity, who is awesome?

Anonymous said...

No. Hannity is Hannity.

I question what little remaining judgement Goolsbee has for even agreeing to go on the show. I could maybe understand him appearing on Larry Kudlow's show.

Goolsbee is much like the Ford guy who destroyed the T-bird (added the back seat) and then he went into the Kennedy/Johnson administrations and just messed up completely with Vietnam. That guy should've just slid into the night, never to be heard from again. But no... A lot of boys were dead because of him. With Goolsbee, millions of Americans are really suffering...

Mrs. P

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