Tuesday, October 11, 2011


FLG saw this sentence over at TNC's page:
What was most confounding about [Kanye] West's behavior, after years of obsessive study of the [fashion] industry, was that he demonstrated very little understanding of how he might actually be perceived by retailers and editors who have a vast amount of experience at detecting utter nonsense.

...and FLG immediately thought himself -- experience at detecting utter nonsense? Last time FLG checked Thom Browne is considered a highly influential menswear designer. Yet, he does shit like this. Which reminds FLG of a video, jump to the 2:45 mark, in which Alan Flusser eviscerates Browne.

But this point isn't about picking on Thom Browne, it's about the idea that the fashion industry can detect utter nonsense. The fashion industry is up to its ears in utter nonsense.

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The Ancient said...


In a now fragmentary passage of [Cicero's] treatise On the State, he seems to have quoted an anecdote that would turn up again, almost five hundred years later, in the pages of Saint Augustine. The story was that a petty pirate had been captured and brought before Alexander. What drove him, Alexander asked, to terrorize the seas with his pirate ship? “The same thing as drives you to terrorize the whole world,” the man sharply replied.

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