Friday, October 28, 2011

Miss FLG Minor

Miss FLG Minor has arrived. Both Mama and Baby are doing well. Miss FLG Maior spent the night with family and is now at daycare, so she has yet to meet her sister.


Withywindle said...


You should refer to them as Miss Marque and Miss Reprisal.

Robbo said...

Best congrats!

The Ancient said...


(Make sure to give away a few cigars.)

Anonymous said...

congrats! dave.s.

Andrew Stevens said...


Anonymous said...


And congratulations - you'll be an expert on Barbie pink before you know it.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the mother.

Attabboy to FLG.

George Pal

The Ancient said...

Mme FLG --

What George is trying to say is, Félicitations à l'occasion de la naissance de votre bébé.

George --

A gentleman never congratulates a lady, as that would imply she is somehow lucky rather than deserving. He felicitates her -- as indecent as that may sound.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes and blessings to the four of you!

Helen Rittelmeyer said...

That's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I adore being felicitated.

Mrs. P

Jeff said...

Congrats! May the sleepless nights to come be filled with neither loathing nor fear.

arethusa said...

Congratulations! And excellent choice, going with the Roman terminology.

dance said...

Congratulations! And let's just roll with kudos for Mrs. FLG!

Anonymous said...


verb [ trans. ]

verb [ trans. ]
• praise (someone) for a particular achievement

nine months of all that then labor -
a particular achievement

Nevertheless, thank you. I stand corrected and bow to convention (but not the French - I hate doing that).

Felicitations to Mrs. FLG, on the occasion of the birth of her baby.

The ‘attaboy’ to FLG stands.

George Pal

Flavia said...

Whoa--I was out of town and only now caught up on your news. Congrats, and cigars all around!

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