Thursday, October 27, 2011

Intellectual Preschoolers

There's a blogger, FLG won't mention the person by name because FLG has determined from their comments on a post here that attacked said person they are emotionally fragile, that gets an undeserved, inordinate amount of attention from other bloggers. When, as far as FLG can tell, the blogger in question is the intellectual equivalent of a finger painting preschooler who has a river of snot coming out their nose and chewing a freshly picked booger. It just doesn't make any fucking sense to FLG.


Andrew Stevens said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I was having a bad day. (Actually, I know better -- you said people pay attention to this other person.)

FLG said...


FLG said...


I assume you figured this out because of my previous bitching, but am I crazy on this? Am I missing something these other people are seeing?

Andrew Stevens said...

He's written the occasional thing which I thought was good. He wrote a 1-star book review on Amazon of The Sociopath Next Door which I stumbled across which I thought was terrific. (There are some sanctimonious people who really deserve his holier-than-thou schtick and Martha Stout is one of them.)

I actually think there's a lot of value to an admittedly extremist left perspective, so I suppose I find him useful for that reason, but unfortunately such a perspective positively requires a smug, sanctimonious outlook which is irritating. It would also be refreshing if he was bold enough to simply state "There is good and there is evil and American culture, with its militarism, its classism, etc., is evil," but philosophically he's still a relativist, so he's frankly just annoying.

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