Monday, October 17, 2011

How FLG Feels

Replace Maximum Leader with FLG and you've about got it:
Your Maximum Leader doesn’t really feel at home in the current iteration of the Republican party; and feels marginalized on the political right.

Your Maximum Leader is not a Tea Party type of fellow. He doesn’t think President Obama is a full-out Socialist. He doesn’t deny evolution. He is an old fashioned conservative. He would likely be labeled a RINO by many. Or a “Rockefeller Republican.” Or even a “Moderate.” Your Maximum Leader doesn’t think that he is any of those three things… But he is thinking that more and more he is becoming the old man yelling for the kids to get off his yard. Only in this case he is yelling at the kids that he is a true conservative and they are something else…

Your Maximum Leader believes in small government. But there is a role for government in society and it is possible for government to be too small. (Ours is too big now, by the way.) Your Maximum Leader believes that taxes are a price we pay for civilization. But he doesn’t see that tax cuts now will help our economic situation. (Neither will a tax increase by the way. Uncertainty - about all things economic is at the heart of our current crisis.) Your Maximum Leader is in favor of a strong national defense. And currently the US is overextended around the world and in need of a rethink of priorities. [...] Your Maximum Leader is a pretty traditional guy and does believe that permissiveness in many areas of civil society is damaging to that society in the long run. But he also believes that government is not the agent of social change many think it is and should be. Your Maximum Leader appreciates science and learning and is put off by those who seem to flaunt their ignorance.

So what is he to think? Your Maximum Leader likes to think he is a rational right-leaning fellow. That said he certainly doesn’t think that he is in the mainstream of the political right. Neither is he off to the far right. He thinks that the right have moved further right and he is looking to be more of a centre-right type of guy.

By the by, FLG believes that the problem here is that instead of being prudent and thoughtful about what policies are best in the long run, the current Republican party has becoming dogmatically fixated on things that are most of the time, but not always best in the long run. It seems to FLG that the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party has onto conclusions without regards to the reasoning behind them. Yes, in general, it's good to keep taxes low, but sometimes you need to raise them. Yes, in general, it's good for the government to run a balanced budget, but in times of economic distress it does help to run a deficit.

This isn't to say that the current administration has executed any of these things well, but that stimulus spending and taxes aren't per se socialist.


Anonymous said...

Nudging the Republican Party into reasoned reflection on the role of government, taxes, et al... oh the hell with it... you both sound like Goldilocks*.

Dear Maximum Leader and FLG: This just in –

Harbinger Canaries Croaking In Droves
life/abortion, Christianity/nihilism, traditionalism/gnosticism, heritage/wasteland, white majority/poc minorities, meritocracy/kakistocracy, patriarchy/feminine nation, marriage/deviancy, native/xenomorph, laureate civilization/Islam, education/inculcation, communal/global, free/thrall, flush/broke, real/illusory... and you get my drift (and this just in my lifetime).

Hope you are having good time re-arranging deck chairs – sounds like fun.

* Goldilocks, in Eleanor Mure’s original story, was an old woman - she ends up impaled on the steeple of St Paul's Cathedral.

George Pal

The Maximum Leader said...

Hello George. I think you have one thing wrong. I am not busy rearranging deck chairs anywhere. I am not on the Republican ship. Neither am I on the Democratic ship. I am (to keep pressing the metaphor) in a dinghy watching ships pass in the channel.

What I am saying for myself (and I'll let FLG speak for himself) is that the prominent voices in the Republican party are not speaking the same political language that I speak. As such, it is hard to support them. This is not to say that I am going to run out and vote Democrat (I'm not). But it is saying that I have a pretty high level of distain for Republicans out there.

Andrew Stevens said...

Some conflation of the Tea Party (and others of similar persuasion like Sarah Palin) with the Republican Party, isn't there? I assume something similar will happen with Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Party.

The Tea Party are not the Republican establishment; they are very far from being the Republican establishment. (That's why it's so funny when they call the Republican establishment RINOs.) The Republican establishment is, as of right now anyway, still very much under the control of what the Tea Party would refer to as "moderates" (or even "liberals"). The Tea Party did manage to defeat the establishment in some primaries in 2010 (Angle over Lowden, O'Donnell over Castle, Rubio over Crist), but those ended up doing the Tea Party no real good in winning a revolution in the GOP (except for Rubio, who looks to me like he's happily signing up with the establishment). Sarah Palin's shooting off her mouth cost her any support she might have received from the Party establishment, and she's been marginalized since McCain lost (though she's made sure it's a highly visible marginalization). In the 2012 presidential race, the silent majority of the Republican Party will likely have its say and nominate Mitt Romney and a more clear repudiation of the extremes of (some of) the Tea Party is difficult to imagine.

Andrew Stevens said...

It's important to recognize the politics of all this. When you're marginalizing a Sarah Palin, you don't announce that you're doing it; that would just enrage her supporters. You maneuver behind the scenes, you change some rhetoric here and there in order to placate and subsume the movement so they don't go off in a huff and start their own party. You don't just haul off and call them idiots. I've been watching the Republican Party carry out a master class in assimilation of these folks and what do they get from the people ostensibly on their ideological side? Nothing but grief.

Anonymous said...

I rather grab this from the opposite end of the stick FLG, - what has this administration executed well?

I would suggest war.

Which of course considering his campaign pledge -is roll on the floor funny. Let's see if he can keep a grip on his Occupy warriors - the ones too stupid t know its him they should be protesting...

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Maximum Leader:

Fair enough about the deck chairs crack – that was more aimed at FLG and the call for prudence, thoughtfulness, and reasonably considering fine-tuning or making exceptions with taxation and deficit spending in the face of Republican and Tea Party dogmatism. My point being we are beyond any of that mattering. The choice between the party of demented progressives vs. the party of the progressive dementia is a choice only to the extant that jumping off a building or a bridge offers a choice. In either instance you can jump off the left side, the right side, center left, center right, or dead on the center - the result remains the same.

Andrew Stevens and Mrs. P:

I suspect the nucleus of the Tea Party and OWS have each identified half of a common culprit. The Tea Party recognizes the government as being the culprit that has mortgaged their and their children’s future while neglecting the part corporations and bankers played. OWS sees corporations and banks – the rich – as having played a role but not the government. If ever the two allowed themselves to see the infernal compact made by government and corporations/bankers, i.e., henceforth all profits are private, all losses public, both the Democratic and Republican Parties might be swayed to represent the voters and leave the special interests to make their way in the world fully understanding that nothing is too big to fail.

George Pal

Anonymous said...

George! How are ya?

I like your comments and I shall try to be serious for the next 3 minutes. Ok? About the Obama/socialist meme, it's time to drop that one. Why? Because it doesn't matter. Whether or not he is one doesn't matter anymore because his presidency is a failed one. He has been reduced to driving around the country in his limmo following a made in Canada bus and paid for by the taxpayer's bus he's acting like he's riding on and making campaign stops where he just lies. Lies.

I do love how his own administration had to axe the source of 40% of the savings from the Patient Affordable Care Act. So much for his unforgettable promise of reducing our health care by 3000%. Ah, that was an awesome off the teleprompter moment.

Anyhoo, from an old campaigner my response to reading both Maxy's and FLG's complaints were this is nothing new. I myself have some of the same reactions especially when I see Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul win straw votes. But straw votes are exactly that. Straw. The reality is the Republicans are looking at going up against the man who is as WFB once described Galbraith - a pyromaniac in a field of straw men. The straw man arguments Obama employes are worse than Elizabeth Warren's and Elena Kagaon's combined.

That said, I can't stand Mitt Romney. I supported him last time but ask yourself, if he and Obama were standing at a party - not running for president- would you spend 30 seconds talking to either of them? I wouldn't. They are -if possible- equally unlikable and I think equally incompetent.

Ask yourselves, what state will Mitt Romney add to the Republican column? Not Massachusetts and Michigan is still highly unlikely. He's also likely to cost the party several - maybe even Texas. Only one of the ones running for the GOP nominee can guarantee on carrying their state - Perry. Maybe Huntsman but whether he's in the race next week is doubtful - no $$$$ Texas just happens to be a state the Republicans have to have to win.

Rick Perry despite everything that has been done to him and he's done to himself is a great candidte. Frankly I think saying "I don't think you have a heart" appeals to the swing voters as most people don't think Republicans have a heart. We know the Occupy Wall Streeters certainly don't though what they've failed to miss is that Wall Street has gone Dem...

Face palm. Ok, when it comes to the Occupiers I can't be serious anymore.

Mrs. P

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