Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Does Somebody Write This With A Straight Face?

Felix Salmon:
I’m still in the (upper quintile of the) 99%, and if you boil things down to just their income and wealth numbers, the 1% is as far away from me as I am from a struggling working family with an onerous mortgage and a highly uncertain employment outlook. And there’s no need for them to shower themselves with that kind of money. From me on out, it’s pure avarice.

Well, Thank Fucking God we have Felix Salmon's divine judgment about where avarice begins because it would be pretty fucking self-serving for people to arbitrarily and undoubtedly self-interestedly declare everybody who has more money than them unworthy, greedy fuckers.


The Ancient said...

Felix's litany of pleasures doesn't seem to include children. So he really doesn't know how little money he makes.

The Ancient said...

BTW, did you see this?

I thought everyone more or less knew it or assumed it. The leftover people from ACORN for manpower, and Drummond Pike (late of the Tides Foundation) to launder money from rich lefty supporters (Soros, a few rich businessmen, Hollywood, fourth-generation trustifarians, etc.).

P.S. Imagine a world where Soros and his girlfriend of the moment were forced to sleep in a bag in Zuccotti Park. Now that would be a revolution worth making!

Anonymous said...

I miss Anthony Weiner.

At least when he was a prick there were photos...

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

Mrs P --

First you're mooning over Rick Perry's hair.

Now you're waxing rhapsodic over some semi-tumescent thing -- possibly an errant Twinkie -- in a defunct politician's underwear.

It's high time you and Mr P took a long, expensive vacation in some very louche place!

P.S. Those guest apartments close by the Vatican are not as bad as you might think.

Anonymous said...


The photos were awesome. Not that I ever saw them. It's not what was in them, per se, but how they performed such useful as well as unintended consequences. They not only got rid of a jerk who ran around spouting arrogant nonsense and worse (like Felix the fish does), they proved the media wrong again -not only was Wiener taken out - his seat went Republican which they media repeatedly assured us could never happen.If that weren't enough hot stuff -- Hillary's attempt at remaking herself fizzled yet again when we learned her husband actually performed the civil marriage between Weiner and Huma, Hillary's aide. Her aide since the days her husband was caught using a White House intern as his own personal cigar humidor. And what was Huma's and Hillary's reaction to Weiner to issue statements on how disappointed they were and leave the country, hoping it would blow over and then play the pregnancy card, hoping to retain the Weiner seat. Instead they drop kicked his butt into the Long Island Sound.

What a cleansing effect photos sent to Las Vegas poker dealers had on our country. Photos no one could keep at straight face about, much less wear they poker face.

These guys don't know how to play 5 card stud. Hopefully Felix the Fish has some photos that will appear soon. We can only hope because if so change will happen.

And DC is all about hope and change, is it not?

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...


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