Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FLG Hopes Against Hope That We Have Reached Facebook's Zenith

Facebook, which FLG used to like, has reached a point where he can barely tolerate its existence and is more than half-tempted to unFacebook.

Issue 1) Facebook as told every website in the world that "All your base are belong to us." Seemingly every website has some sort of Facebook plug-in that's trying to tell me what my friends are commenting or reading or whatever (whilst presumably trying to harvest my data.) Well, guess what? FLG doesn't give a flying fuck what most of his Facebook friends think about anything. Plus, the additional delay, and it's noticeable, in loading pages because of all this shit drives him batshit fucking nuts.

Issue 2) The reason FLG left MySpace was because it was starting to look like fucking 42nd street in the 70s. Everybody had some awful music playing and there was flashing lights and the guys have titty pictures. Facebook at the time was very nice, clean, and neat.

Log into Facebook now at it's like the new Disneyfied Times Square. There are tickers everywhere giving FLG updates on shit and people he couldn't possible care less about.

FLG holds out immense how that today is the beginning of the long slide when the entire system crumbles to dust.

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The Ancient said...

Maybe this is a decent occasion to say something about Steve Jobs.

He was always ebullient, always a little over the top, always misbehaving -- but in a good way.

He had the the habit of rewriting his personal history -- as so many rich men tend to do. But his talents gave him license, and almost everyone who ever interacted with him -- women excepted -- tended to forgive his shortcomings.

I remember when Jerry Brown was first governor, back in the Seventies. Proposition 13 had passed, and the California economy was swirling ever deeper towards the drain pipe. Jerry convened a meeting of the CEOs of all of California's largest companies to discuss what the state might do to make things better. Apple was then big enough to qualify for admission -- barely. When the day came, Steve -- who was chronically late everywhere -- popped out of the elevator on the top of the skyscraper where the meeting was being held and started sprinting down the hall towards the conference room. Brown's economic adviser heard the subsequent shouting and came out into the hallway, only to see Steve held up on either side by two burly security officers. There was the great icon of American business -- as he would come to be -- wearing blue jeans and a dirty T-shirt and pedaling his legs as if he were still running.

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