Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feedback From FLG's Professor

First, let me say that your paper was superbly written.

It's clear you had extensive prior exposure to the topic. Unfortunately, the paper read as if you sat down and simply tried tell me what you know about this topic in three pages or less with lots of exposition and just a bit of argument. All the meat of the argument was in the penultimate paragraph. If that had been your opening paragraph and you had continued from there, then it would have been a extraordinary paper. But you didn't.

This would've been a fatal flaw for most students, but your exposition was so engaging I didn't feel I could knock you that much for it. Man, can you write.

Take that FLG's 10th grade English teacher!

This is probably the fourth or fifth professor who has complimented FLG on his writing chops. Maybe it's because they can't find anything good to say about his actual arguments, or in this case the near lack of one, but whatever.

On that point about arguments, FLG must say that he didn't follow the old Jesuit tradition of when in doubt, draw a distinction. Jesuitical distinctions have saved FLG so many times.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever consider they they might want to sleep with you. I know it's a reach but still...

Mrs. P

FLG said...

I must be honest. That had not occurred to me.

Withywindle said...

They objectify you, man.

Anonymous said...

FLG, I figured it out. They're grooming you to be the next David Brooks.

Mrs. P

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