Thursday, October 13, 2011


WARNING: The rest of this post is not just not work safe, but possibly not home safe either.

FLG received an email mumbling something about his interest in pirates and object sex and then a link to this site. For those of you afraid to click, it is a site selling flashlight-shaped rubber and plastic replicas of pornstars' vaginas who were in some sort of pirate porn movie. Oh, and FLG almost forgot about the vibrator necklace on offer as well. Plus, FREE SHIPPING!

It took FLG a bit to figure it out, but the variety of different vagina replicas by pornstar only refers to the exterior, which makes perfect sense. Who is gonna wanna put plaster paris or whatever up inside? So, the site has three different vagina interiors with names like the gauntlet and nipple alley.

Couple of thoughts:
1) Who is the copywriter on stuff like that?
2) Would Marx have thought differently of capitalism if he knew it was going to bring about artificial vaginas?


Anonymous said...

Well, Christmas will be ever so much easier this year.

FLG said...

I'm sure it was the free shipping that drew you in.

Anonymous said...

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