Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Print Your Blog

FLG noticed somewhere on Blogger an advertisement for this service that creates books of your blog. FLG knows what you are thinking -- why would you want to print your blog?

Great question. And the answer is posterity, baby!

Think about a gazillion years in the future when there's some archaeologist digging up an old computer. Think he'll be able to log onto the Internet and pull up your witty post? NOT! But if you had a fine, hard bound book made, well, that's a different story. You could be the primary source future scholars have of pre-zombie apocalypse life.

"Students, what we know from the archeological record, is that life before the Great Unpleasantness consisted primarily of studying Plato, pirates, listening to music, and sex with inanimate objects."


The Ancient said...

I suppose it would be the rough equivalent of having nothing left on ancient Athens but Alcibiades's sexual memoirs.

arethusa said...

Ancient: I bet you could get a fair sense of the later Peloponnesian Wars and even Socrates from Alcibiades' sexual memoirs. Including the destruction of Melos, since Alcibiades was supposedly involved with a Melian woman.

Aspasia's sexual memoirs would round that period out nicely.

The Ancient said...

Aspasia's sexual memoirs would round that period out nicely.

Hell, I'd settle for knowing what Thucydides paid for a copy of her first draft of Pericles' funeral oration.

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