Friday, September 9, 2011

It Finally Stopped

..the rain that is, but not soon enough.

This was FLG's backyard last night:

Needless to say, the basement suffered some flooding. FLG has spent most of the day ripping up the padding under the carpet and going to town with a shopvac. Not very fun.

Rumor has it more rain is on the way tonight. FLG is so excited. He's tempted to start pacing off 300 cubits.


Andrew Stevens said...

My sympathies. Our basement flooded last year. Not fun and not cheap. (This year, of course, has been heat and drought.)

Anonymous said...

Events like that are why we have five sump pumps in our basement. And, in addition, French drains. Home Depot loves us. dave.s.

Anonymous said...

That's a great backyard! Someone needs to give you a remote control pirate ship for Christmas. How much fun would that be?

Mrs. P

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