Monday, September 12, 2011

Doesn't Ring True To FLG

Over at Paper Bullets, Julia posted a Phillip Roth quotation about misjudging and misconceiving people.

FLG, on the other hand, feels like his ten second snap judgments about people are pretty much spot on the vast, vast majority (let's say 95% of the time). So, he doesn't really get this problem. People just don't often surprise him.

FLG pondered this for a bit and came up with several possible explanations:
1) FLG is some sort of freakish savant when it comes to conceiving perceiving people.
2) Some sort of bias where FLG ignores either people he doesn't understand or evidence contrary to his snap judgments.
3) FLG is a self-involved asshole who doesn't give a shit about other people.
4) FLG is insane.
5) All of the above.

Nevertheless, people rarely surprise him. Well, except for Mrs FLG when she jumps out of the bedroom door and yells "Boo!" when FLG is coming out of the bathroom. He never sees that coming.

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