Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Catnip For FLG

Over the years, FLG has thrown a lot of shit Reihan's way. But posts like this one are why FLG still reads him.

Reihan mentioned a theory called "economics of becoming." The word becoming made FLG immediately think of Plato, and you all know how much FLG loves him som Plato.

Turns out, however, that it's not Plato, but "Nietzsche and the Economics of Becoming."

Almost as interesting to FLG as Plato. But then...oh..but then, there's this:
These theories, taken together, constitute a profound attack on the foundations of neoclassical models in which individuals maximize the discounted flow of gratification they expect to receive. Scattered through Nietzsche's writings, we can find an alternative description of intertemporal choice motivated by overcoming obstacles.

The key words here are "discounted flow" and "inter temporal choice." Why? TIME HORIZONS!

FLG so needs to read up on all this.

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