Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being That Labor Day Weekend Just Ended

...it reminded FLG of the time that Mrs. FLG and he went to New Orleans probably 8-9 years ago over the long weekend.

For those of you who don't know, as the FLGs didn't until they showed up in the French Quarter, there's a massive gay event that occurs every Labor Day weekend there. Now, obviously the FLGs have no problem with all that and they had a great time. There was, however, this one particularly memorable moment.

The FLGs were walking down North Peters Street behind a family of four. The girl was around twelve and the boy about ten. All of a sudden, FLG hears the boy say, quite loudly, mind you, and completely out of the blue, "Daddy, look, I can see his nutsack." His mother quickly and probably through gritted teeth said "Billy!"

FLG, needless to say, was confused. Until, a few seconds later, a gay couple clad walked by and one could, as a matter of fact, see one of the two gentlemen's nutsack.

Again, the FLGs had a great time and he wouldn't avoid Labor Day weekend in New Orleans. That being said though, you can call FLG a prude or something, but he'd rather not see the wrinkly skin of a man's scrotum while walking down the street.

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