Saturday, September 3, 2011


So, FLG was in a toy store today, and ran across this Ben Franklin action figure. And then FLG saw this Oscar Wilde one and figured they couldn't get any cooler. He was wrong. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Johann Sebastian Bach Wilhelm Richard Wagner.

And then FLG figured he'd reached the pinnacle of awesomeness. How can you beat Wagner? Oh, that's right. Edward Teach. And, saving the best for last, Alexander the Great.


Andrew Stevens said...

You should just get this one. Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens, Moses, Annie Oakley, Anne Bonny, Edward Teach, Alexander the Great, Wagner, Beethoven, and I'm not sure who the guy in blue with the mask is, but I'm sure I'll kick myself if someone figures it out.

Jeff said...

Oddly, there's also a Pope Innocent III action figure in that same line.

The Ancient said...

Andrew --

It's Casanova.

FLG said...


Like Andrew, I'm kicking myself.

Andrew Stevens said...

The Ancient - thanks, that makes sense.

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