Friday, August 19, 2011

Quote of the day

"A preemptive strike would be particularly likely in the early phases of our expansion because a civilisation may become increasingly difficult to destroy as it continues to expand. Humanity may just now be entering the period in which its rapid civilisational expansion could be detected by an ETI because our expansion is changing the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, via greenhouse gas emissions," the report states.

One more consequence of climate change -- annihilation by aliens.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous crap. I mean, I don't always obey the laws of Virginia, but I always obey the laws of physics. Aliens would have had to have set out hundreds of years ago, with staggering amounts of energy invested in their trip by their home systems. They are going to get here with weapons?! More energy invested, and with no sign of return on investment for their home civilization.

Conquer our world, maybe - though if trying to conquer and enslave us (the girl with huge bazongas in a red dress, showing cleavage, and on the front cover of Amazing Stories, and the Bug-Eyed Monster grabbing her with his filthy tentacles, right) they would have to get here in the brief interlude between dawn of civilization and effective planetary defenses.

I am not losing any sleep over this. dave.s.

The Ancient said...

Alternative QOTD:

Or was (the president) just .... a "shifty, adroit, and selfish logothete," interested only in being reelected next year?

Withywindle said...

At least Wilson wrote a solid academic book.

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