Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wait Just A Gosh Darn Second

Via Phoebe, FLG read Dan Drezner's tenure denial account.

For FLG, it mostly just reinforced how fucked up the entire academic job market is, which at root is fucked up because of the tenure system of lifetime employment. It's entirely alien to FLG, who has always felt like if he didn't switch jobs every 2 years or so and it seems even employers every 4-6, then he feels stagnant. He needs new colleagues, new ideas, new ways of doing things. The idea of spending his entire life doing the same job at the same place makes his skin crawl.

Oh, sure. He gets why there is tenure and it makes sense to him. He also get that professors are always studying new and different topics. They collaborate with colleagues from other institutions. They take sabbaticals, take visiting scholarships.

But he thinks 1) academics could do with some reshuffling every once and a while and 2) the current system is deeply broken for the countless numbers of adjuncts out there.

But FLG is getting off-topic. All he had intended to respond to was this:
I'm a full professor at the oldest school of international affairs in the country.

Drezner is a full professor at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Incidentally, FLG has noticed that the school is referring to itself more and more as simply The Fletcher School. Whatever the name, a very well-respected international relations school, but according to the school's website, FLG's emphasis:
Since 1933, The Fletcher School has prepared the world's leaders to become innovative problem-solvers in government, business and non-governmental organizations with strategic cross-sector networks.

Here's the SFS' website:
The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), founded in 1919, is a premier school of international affairs.

In fairness, FLG thinks Drezner's confusion arises out of The Fletcher School's oft made claim that it is the oldest exclusively graduate school of international affairs in the country, which is sort of like winning a Grammy for Best Performance by an Orchestra or Instrumentalist with Orchestra – Primarily Not Jazz or for Dancing.


The Ancient said...

While I enjoyed the little dig at UC at the very end, what really jumped out at me was this: Academics are not a terribly empathetic lot...

I'm not sure what comparison group he has in mind.

Surgeons? Lawyers? Investment bankers? Insurance claims adjusters? What?

Phoebe said...

The Ancient,

Possibly social workers - given that that's his wife's profession, it may be a comparison that would have come to mind.

The Ancient said...

Phoebe --

In my younger and more vulnerable years -- many decades ago -- I knew quite a few social workers. They were all what we used to call "hard-hearted Hannahs." (Which meant, more or less, tough, smart and largely unsympathetic women.)

Back then, at least, it was hard to do what they were required to do and maintain "empathy" as more than a heuristic construct.

Perhaps all that's changed. I haven't kept up.

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