Friday, July 29, 2011

Quote of the day II

A dwarf who appeared in the Harry Potter and Star Wars films...was convicted of indecent exposure last month after a 17-year-old girl told Leicester Crown Court how the actor performed a sex act under the cover of a juggler's hat.

Here's another quote that FLG that's great on two levels:
It is understood that Read has recently been hiring himself out to stag parties, offering to be handcuffed to the stag while dressed as a diminutive fictional character such as a Smurf or Oompa-Loompa.

First, there's the obvious, WTF? But then there's the curious opening phrase. It is understood by whom precisely? The court? Police? The Telegraph? People in the market for Smurf bondage?


Andrew Stevens said...

Typical bad journalistic writing. The reporter wanted to write "We understand" or "I understand," but the journalistic habit of not using first person pronouns meant that he left it ambiguous instead.

Galatea said...


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