Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holy Fuck Is FLG Pissed

Anti-Climacus links to this "deleted" Lost scene that drives FLG up a freaking wall. FLG gets the feeling that the writers were trying to make fun of themselves, but FLG thinks the entire thing is dripping with contempt for people who want "answers."

FLG agrees with this assessment:
At this point the series' real problem becomes evident to me: the main figures involved are just not very good writers.


Jacob T. Levy said...

Eh. The thing is, we knew all of that already: the contempt for fans who wanted things to make sense, the writers' limitations.

I can still get furious about the finale; but I don't have fury left over for something like the "deleted" scene. Given everything we already knew, this doesn't add any *new* reason to be angry. It just adds some cute knowingness. It's a little self-mocking on the part of the writers, even though they obviously don't admit fault.

If this had come out within a week or a month of the finale, when the wounds were still raw, I'd have been pissed. More than a year later, I'm amused.

Nicholas said...

Speaking for myself, it was obvious Darlton thought love triangles were what everyone really cared about, but I hadn't given much thought to the series as a whole and their inability to write. After the finale, it didn't seem worthwhile to examine the series as a whole for its flaws. It was recognizing the thin line between the parody of their own dialogue and the thing itself that made that evident, at least to me. (This is probably also a function of the fact that I've given the show zero thought between the finale and this video.)

Andrew Stevens said...

I don't know. I rather think they should be a bit contemptuous. It was pretty obvious early on that they didn't have any answers, so anybody who hung around expecting them pretty much got what they deserved.

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