Thursday, July 21, 2011

FLG Was Just Thinking

...that sometime over the next five years or so, he's gonna save up enough money, fly to London, and get a bluish-purple bespoke suit made by Ozwald Boateng.


The Ancient said...

Time-Horizons Intervention:

I hope you realize that Miss FLG, and her subsequent kindred, are going to cost you at least $50K a year a piece, starting about first grade.

And it will get worse when they go to college.

P.S. Why don't I think you will be as indifferent to such things as John Derbyshire? Let me count the ways ...

FLG said...

The Ancient:

But it'll be a bluish-purple suit!

The Maximum Leader said...

Frock-coat or regular cut.

How about just waiting for Thomas Mahon ( to come on one of his USA visits and have him do all your measurements in the privacy of your own schloss?

The Ancient said...

Maxie --

Because FLG is the sort of ridiculous human being who will be so besotted with his daughters that he will have them each in bespoke starting at age six.

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