Tuesday, July 5, 2011

FLG Wants A Greek Epithet

As FLG has mentioned before, the Hellenistic world had such great descriptive names:

Antigonus I Monophthalmus (one-eyed)
His son, Demetrius I Poliorcetes (who was a good general, but Poliorcetes "Besieger" was applied for his several unsuccessful siege attempts)

And then you've got the Ptolemies:
Ptolemy I Soter (Savior)
Ptolemy Keraunos (Thunder)
Ptolemy VIII Physcon (Potbelly)
Ptolemy XII Auletes (Flute player)

Then again, FLG won't be so particular to demand a Greek epithet. FLG Magnus. FLG the Red. He'd lobby for FLG the Pious, but doubts it would stick. Perhaps FLG il Magnifico. Or better yet, FLG le D├ębonnaire. Yes, that's it.

From now on, in formal documents such as histories, geographies, and royal decrees, FLG will demand to be referred to as FLG le D├ębonnaire.


Anonymous said...

FLG Opa.

Opa is a word that Greek people use ofr no apparent reason at all. Greek waiters using it after igniting cheese drenched with brandy before dousing it with a squirt of lemon juice. If that doesn't say FLG I don't know what the fuck does.

(Betcha didn't know I could type swears)

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

FLG Piraticus.

P.S. Mrs. P -- First the admission of carnality. Now the close imitation of a sailor. You are starting to sound almost, well, local. (But when I lived in Kolonaki, a million years ago, my local waiters were not so foreign.)

The Ancient said...

P.S. I hope that came across as affectionately as I intended.

arethusa said...

I like FLG Piraticus. (If you insist on Greek, I suppose it would be FLG Piratis.)

I think Opa! is best defined as a word that Greek restaurants in America use to hoodwink patrons into thinking they're getting the genuine Greek dining experience (not so - for one thing, customer service at American Greek restaurants is usually good). I find it embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Names come into vogue. When I was a kid, mommies across America were whelping Daves in their tens of thousands. More recently, Jake. So, we shared a nanny for our kids, and #1 shared with a Jake. Then #2 shared with a Jake, so we adopted Jake the Greater and Jake the Lesser. THEN we got a share kid for #3 who was also a Jake, so that had to be Jake the Least. The #2 and #3 mommies were not entirely thrilled. dave.s.

FLG said...


FLG will accept nothing less than archpirate,like Andron.

Anonymous said...

Ancient, it did. Blogging goes so much better if you adopt an easily offensive attitude than easily offended.

Mrs. P

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