Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every six months or so, FLG gets an email from some reader who must've discovered Fear and Loathing in Georgetown during the intervening six months explaining that the blog would be better if it were less ribald, crass, coarse, or bawdy. FLG particularly liked one that included lascivious. For some reason, the tone and vocabulary always reminds FLG of an older lady who tut-tuts around town calling young ladies trollops and wanton hussies.

Anyway, each time FLG feels compelled to explain that this is all central to the charm here at Fear and Loathing in Georgetown. But more importantly this is all FLG has got. He's not a very thoughtful or talented chap. Much easier to throw in the occasional fuck to elicit a visceral reaction than to formulate a compelling argument.

But, to be completely honest, FLG tries to put a vast distance between himself and those bloggers who consider themselves Very-Serious-People writing about Very-Serious-Things whose idea of fun and whimsy is to examine some aspect of popular culture and extrapolate into some sort of pseudo-psychology about what it says about society, all very seriously of course, without any hint that they are talking out of their fucking asses.


J. Otto Pohl said...

I will try to be less serious in the future. Although my readership is so tiny, I do not think it matters.

FLG said...


I wasn't thinking of you. You cover seriously serious topics, genocide, force migration, etc. Plus, you're an expert in the field.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. He meant me. Stop hogging my self-loathing, Otto!

J. Otto Pohl said...


You have serious posts on your blog? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Otto --

Should a serious post occasionally leak through, I assure you that I shall attempt to bury it in the usual nonsense with the utmost celerity.

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