Thursday, June 2, 2011

Righteous Indignation

FLG would never knowingly vote for somebody who eats pizza with a fork.


The Ancient said...

I guess you forgot that Obama comes from Chicago.

Now you have no excuse.

(This is great news for Mrs P. She's been afraid for you.)

The Maximum Leader said...

I was just going to ask for a clarification on that point. You sort of have to eat Chicago style with a fork...

Then again I know plenty of people who wouldn't consider Chicago style to be real pizza.

Mark Thompson said...

"Real New York Pizza."

I'm trying to decide how this statement affects my opinion of Sarah Palin.

On the one hand, it reinforces every single basis I have for viewing her as a politician remarkable only for her extraordinary ignorance and incompetence.

On the other hand, it is tourists who go to a Times Square chain pizzeria and call it "Real New York Pizza" that ensure the actually "Real" places remain relatively free of tourists. When this breed of tourist goes to places where I, too, am a tourist, they also ensure that the wife and I are the only tourists in the places I eat.

Anonymous said...

If your vote hinges on handling pizza properly, then Herman Cain is your man...

Mrs. P

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