Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No, Not That Again

FLG's father-in-law sent him a link to this analysis by Bill Gross. Gross is a smart guy, but FLG stopped reading about three paragraphs in. Why? Because that damn "we need to invest in math and science education to compete in a global economy" trope popped up:
Fact: College tuition has increased at a rate 6% higher than the general rate of inflation for the past 25 years, making it four times as expensive relative to other goods and services as it was in 1985. Subjective explanation: University administrators have a talent for increasing top line revenues via tuition, but lack the spine necessary to upgrade academic productivity. Professorial tenure and outdated curricula focusing on liberal arts instead of a more practical global agenda focusing on math and science are primary culprits.

That put a huge black cloud over the credibility of any subsequent analysis, so FLG stopped reading.


The Ancient said...

FLG said...

Glad to see somebody agrees with me, but he goes to far on the immigration front. However, in the comments, somebody mentions law school, which FLG does think is a bubble.

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