Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imagine That You Are An Idiot

...who gets high and drunk, then - you know how in the cartoons characters will step on rake and get hit the face? - well, you do that. Over and over. Next, you decide to have your brain removed, blended into a smoothie as a protein supplement, and fed to hyenas. After all that, you sat down to rank order the best Pixar movies. You still would do better than this list.

FLG won't go through the problems with the order film by film. Instead, he'll highlight two issues. First, WALL-E is far and away the worst Pixar movie. To have it ranked first is almost laughable. FLG is fairly certain that in some states just thinking this is enough to have a person legally committed. Second, Toy Story 2 is easily the best Pixar movie, and indeed one of the few sequels in the history of film better than the original.* For this reason, FLG is open to the idea that Toy Story could be ranked number one. Open to it, but it's still wrong.

* Other sequels better than the original: Terminator 2: Judgement Day, The Godfather Part II, and Aliens


Andrew Stevens said...

Toy Story 2 was the weakest of the three films. (You're also wrong about Aliens, Terminator 2, and The Godfather 2, though all of those are good films, if inferior to the first ones.) Also, Wall-E was the best Pixar film I've seen, though I haven't seen all of them. Ratatouille, on the other hand, wasn't good at all and I fail to see how it could be ranked third.

FLG said...


Wow, I am so sorry about your brain being fed to hyenas.

Agreed on Ratatouille though.

Robbo said...

Wow, The Incredibles, my favorite, really gets tanked, too.

You're right about TS2, but the best. sequel. evah remains Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan.

FLG said...


I can't believe I forgot about Wrath of Kahn!

Andrew Stevens said...

I would agree with Wrath of Khan, also Empire Strikes Back.

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