Friday, June 10, 2011

Hold Up

E J Dionne writes:
Weiner’s congressional colleagues are reluctant to defend him because they accepted his denial and feel badly burned.

FLG apologizes, but he has a hard time believing this line of thought. Weiner argued that his twitter account was possibly hacked. Okay. But wouldn't deny that the picture was of him. That was always fishy. It's almost as bad as the Cops episode FLG saw recently where the guy caught with drugs his pockets claimed that the pants he was wearing weren't his.

The only possible way that made sense if he wasn't lying was if somebody hacked into his account, happened to find lewd pictures that Weiner did knowingly have stored there, and then the hacker decided to send them to some coed. But that doesn't make any sense at all. Why have lewd pictures stored on your twitter account if not to send them to somebody? FLG guesses he could've argued that he was sending them to his wife, but let's be honest -- it's fishy.

So, spare me the congressional colleagues feel burned because they believed his initial lies. Nobody believed that bullshit story. They're reluctant to defend him because this things radioactive. A story about a guy sending pictures of his penis over the Internet whose name is Weiner ain't gonna be forgot quickly.


George Pal said...

There is a level, a threshold of shame that when breached demands the perp slink away quietly and live out the rest of his life as anonymously as possible. If pathetically puerile misdemeanor exhibitionism doesn’t breach the threshold then the man may be rightly considered shameless – and indefensible. His lying was the least of it and the situation almost necessitates lying – it’s easier to cop to crime or sin than to being pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this story really about the cosmic joke being played on Democrats?

NY 26 had a Republican that sent a photo of him topless to some chick and even though this Republican's wife was willing to support him publicly, Speaker Boehner -within hours- told the guy to get lost. So he got lost. Then a special election was held and a Democrat who literally accused Paul Ryan of dumping wheelchair bound old women over the cliff wins the election.

This win causes the Dems to shout with glee "We're BAAAA-CCKK!!"

While visions of Speaker Pelosi are dancing the Macarena in their heads, Weiner's photos come out, courtesy of Andrew Breitbart. Face palm time.

Anthony Weiner married to Hillary's lover, with the 100% voting record on women's issues and the very same Weienr who got a statue* removed on the grounds it was "sexist" is a sexual predator. More than that, he employs stereotypes of liberal and Jewish women to aid his excitement during sex talk with a female Blackjack dealer.

Liberal women and men keep their mouths shut and Pelosi has not called him to tell him to get lost.

They have to stand by their man...

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

* sorry - the link to the shot of the statue :

Mrs. P

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