Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Friends Of Fear And Loathing In Georgetown:

FLG has been super busy as of late and isn't keeping up with his blog reading as well as he has previously, and is just getting flaky. This has led to a bunch of oversights, some of which FLG really feels bad about.

First, FLG missed this awesome idea from Robbo until this morning.

Next, he missed this, also from Robbo, which hits very close to home what with a little girl in Castle FLG and all.

FLG can't believe he missed this earlier:
Let us begin with the scandal involving King Carl Gustav XVI of Sweden and strip clubs.

And lastly FLG feels terrible for asking Flavia how newlywed bliss was before she has even tied the knot. He thinks he was conflating Flavia buying a house and being engaged with the information that Phoebe was getting married. This is the type of thing that FLG is usually very good at keeping straight.

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Robbo said...

Always happy to oblige. "Share and Enjoy!"

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