Saturday, June 11, 2011


A reader sent FLG a note that they had pulled out their Panama hat for the summer, since you all know how much FLG is into hats, but then said they were afraid the fucking hipsters would start wearing them and ruin everything. FLG thinks we're all worried about that, so he wanted to share his foolproof plan to distract them from the Panama hat with all of you.

Step 1) Buy a bunch of pith helmets.
Step 2) Find hipsters wearing Che t-shirts.
Step 3) Explain how "ironic" it would be to juxtapose the symbol, supposedly, of righteous rebellion with the symbol of colonial oppression.
Step 4) ???
Step 5) Profit!

1 comment:

Flavia said...

Sooner or later we'll find the pith helmet in all the hipster hangouts in Brooklyn.

But mark my words: first will be the straw boater.

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