Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Conversation

Coworker: What's yeyo, y-e-y-o?

FLG: Uh, that's a weird question.

Coworker: Why?

FLG: Well, does the context have anything to do with cocaine?

Coworker: As a matter of fact, that makes a lot of sense. Yeyo is cocaine?

FLG: Yes, but it's Spanish and spelled llello.

Coworker: How do you know that?

FLG: I know all sorts of stuff about the cocaine trade. There are all sorts of rules.

Coworker: Like what?

FLG: Never get high off your own supply. Never underestimate the other guy's greed. All you have in this world is your balls and your word. Don't break 'em for nobody. Never trust nobody.

Coworker: Is that from a movie or something?

FLG: Yes, Scarface.

Coworker: So, your knowledge of the illegal drug trade is from a movie?

FLG: Yes, of course. My knowledge of everything is from movies. Illegal drug trade from Scarface. Finance from Wall Street. Male homosexual relationships from Brokeback Mountain. Shit. I learned 80% of what I know from watching a movie.

Coworker: Really? What one?

FLG: If Looks Could Kill starring Richard Grieco. Vastly underrated film.

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