Tuesday, May 3, 2011


DC is a funny place. A celebrity sighting in NYC, LA, or elsewhere, usually means a film and television actor*. Here in Georgetown FLG sees political and news-type people.

Just off the top of his head, FLG remembers seeing David Frum stuck in traffic on Wisconsin Avenue, David Gregory driving like an asshole on M Street**, he was pretty sure he saw Katty Kay Christmas shopping, and then there was the infamous Stephanopoulos in the Five Guys incident.

FLG only mentions this because he saw DC's Mayor For Life leaving Paolo's this afternoon. Unfortunately, Barry didn't do anything crazy.

Update: Forgot about a couple of people. FLG also saw Kenny Mayne one time. And both FLG and Mrs. FLG saw Kelsey Grammer at Dean and Deluca.

* FLG thinks he may have written about the conversation he had with Paul Newman in a Boston Chicken in Westport on this blog.

** Oddly, my coworker had almost the exact same response in both of those conversations.

Updated 10/18/2011: Saw George Will. Need to add Archbishop of Canterbury.

Updated 02/06/2012: Almost got run over by Madeleine Albright.

Updated 03/21/2012: FLG is 50-50 that he saw Simon Johnson.

Updated 04/11/2013: Saw Bob Woodward.

Update 07/05/2013: Saw Olivier Blanchard.

Update 10/02/2013: Saw Yuval Levin (also saw Ross Douthat separately a week or so before)

Update 10/28/2013: Saw Robert Gibbs at Old Town Whole Foods

Update 11/20/2013 Saw Roy Williams and Chuck Todd (also saw Tom Ridge separately a week or so before)

Update 01/30/2014: Believe Al Hunt was on the DCA-LGA shuttle flight / Later that day saw Mitt and Ann Romney at the Carnegie Deli

Update 07/12/2014: Ezra Klein at Pop's Old Fashioned Ice Cream

Update 10/29/2014:  Saw David Boies.

Update 12/12/2014: Saw Michele Bachmann at Pennsylvania Ave and 15th Street.

Update 12/15/2014: Saw Paul Begala in front of the Loews Madison Hotel.

Update 01/16/2015: Saw John Ashcroft this morning and Nouriel Roubini at lunch.

Update 01/20/2015: Saw David Muir in front of the White House.  FLG is about 75% sure he saw Chris Matthews as well.

Update 05/13/2015:  Saw Martha Raddatz on Connecticut Avenue just north of Farragut Square.

Update 05/20/2015: Saw Hank Paulson in Lafayette Square.

Update 05/29/2015: Saw Eugene Robinson at the post office in Westover.

Update 08/26/15-08/28/15:   Saw Ed Rendell and Hillary Clinton in Minneapolis.

Update 07/29/16:  Saw Tyler Cowen in front of Dolcezza in the Merrifield Mosaic District.

Update 03/22/17:  Saw Katie Couric and Mark Halperin while delayed at DCA.

Update 03/23/17:  Saw Trent Lott and his wife at DCA.

Update 09/13/17: Saw David Gergen at DCA.

Update 01/15/18: Saw Michael Eric Dyson on flight from MSP to DCA.

Update 02/03/18: Saw Ramesh Ponnuru

Update: 02/15/18: Saw Eric Cantor on LGA-DCA shuttle flight

Update 09/20/18: Saw Charles Murray at DCA.   

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jason said...

Paul Newman--cool. What did you talk about?

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