Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sahara Is Closing

Apparently, The Sahara is closing.

Surprise, surprise, this reminds FLG of a conversation.

FLG and his college buddies are in the Sahara. He's playing $1 blackjack.

FLG's friend: Let's go over to a roulette table.

FLG: Fine. I'm not happy with this even money on blackjack bullshit.

FLG's friend: Alright, let's play some roulette. Wait. On second thought, let's go to another table.

FLG: Why? This one's open and it's just us.

FLG's friend: There's a stain.

FLG: Huh?

FLG's friend: Look. At. The. Table.

FLG: Oh, I see. Yeah, it's a stain. So what?

FLG's friend: Look at it. It's a splotchy, white stain.

FLG: You can't be serious? You think some guy blew his load on a roulette table in the middle of a casino?

FLG's friend: That looks like a cum stain to me.

FLG: Oh, come on...croupier, what's up with the stain?

Croupier: I've been told it's a tonic water stain.

FLG: I thought tonic water takes out stains.

Croupier: I thought that was fishy too.

FLG: Alright, next table.

Croupier whispering: Good choice.

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