Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

FLG can't believe blogger was down for as long as it was.

FLG has decided that his knowledge of literature is seriously lacking.
He decided this based upon the criteria that he always uses, number of Jeopardy questions to which he responds:
"Who the fuck knows that?"

FLG was a World Market the other day and picked up a bag of potato chips by Zapp's. He was familar with Zapp's from several trips to New Orleans. Anyway, FLG was immediately attracted to the name, VooDoo Gumbo. Say it aloud like you are some sort of VooDoo practioner. It's really fun. Voo-Doo-Gum-Bow. Unfortunately, it seems they've shortened the name to simply "VooDoo," which nowhere near as fun to say.

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