Friday, May 13, 2011

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Duck of Minerva:
I do not like [political] theory. They make you read a lot of old and long books. Also, I've heard the professors never give you an A in theory. I'd rather take American Politics.


Anonymous said...

Sorry FLG - off topic -Ancient - regarding that downed helicopter in Pakistan, it was an experimental aircraft so according to military - not surprising it went down. Have to work out kinks and whatnot. There are only a few of them existing. It was completely destroyed.

The Chinese won't find a thing except some really hip styling....

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

It was completely destroyed.

The very odd tail section was not destroyed. It was -- after being photographed extensively -- carried off on a flatbed under tarps to a warehouse a few miles away. This too was extensively photographed.

The outstanding question is whether the Chinese were able to buy measurements and more detailed photographs. Or will shortly.

Because it is still there in the warehouse.

(To the best of my knowledge.)

Withywindle said...

Or maybe we bid against the Chinese to get it back ...

Anonymous said...

Sorry. I needed to be clearer - when I said completely destroyed this is how it went - I specifically asked about what you said - the tail section being taken off and photographed. Response was simple- nothing of value was left on that. They can have it and take all the shots they want.

Whatever would/is of value to our competition in these sorts of matters was destroyed before the Seals departed if I heard it correctly. The fact this was an experimental aircraft might be the reason 2 were sent in - didn't ask if this was why but came to me later as I pondered the conversation. I was told that they expect problems with experimental aircraft as it takes a long time to get the kinks out so they anticipate as many problems as they can-- like one going down and having to be left behind. And apparently, which I thought was really cool - there are many different ways of destroying things. All I'm ever told is what can be told.

Mrs. P

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